Hazardous Goods Handling

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We are happy to help with the extremely sensitive and responsible handling of your hazardous goods. As our unique selling point in the world of container freight stations, we are not only authorised to accept hazardous goods for immediate handling, but can also store these in our transshipment terminal. Our logistics warehouse has a separate area designated for this purpose. Compliance with fire safety regulations and proper application of international regulations is constantly monitored by our hazardous goods officers. Our personnel are trained in the special requirements of goods storage, ensuring secure and smooth container loading. This enables us to handle your hazardous goods with the sensitivity they need.
approved UN NOs.
separate storage sections
hazardous goods area

Special requirements of hazardous goods logistics

To satisfy the particularly high requirements of hazardous goods logistics, our container handling company has 6 separate sections on a separated total area of 2,100 m². In line with requirements, we have a CO2 extinguishing system, automatic door locks and a ventilation system for air circulation. To protect both life and the environment, we have a direct connection to the local fire department through our central fire alarm system, meaning we can respond immediately and appropriately if a serious incident occurs.

These safety precautions enable us to handle and store your hazardous good types. Of course, we also offer you full container transport to the departure ports of Bremerhaven, Hamburg and Wilhelmshaven.
pcg gefahrengueter klasse 1
Class 1.4 G + 1.4: Substances and articles which present no significant explosive hazard
cps gefahrengueter klasse 2
Class 2.1 + 2.2 + 2.3: Flammable gases, non-flammable and toxic gases, poisonous gases
cps gefahrengueter klasse 3
Class 3: Flammable liquids
cps gefahrengueter klasse 4
Class 4.1 + 4.2 + 4.3: Flammable solids, substances liable to spontaneous combustion and substances which, in contact with water, emit flammable gases
cps gefahrengueter klasse 5
Class 5.1 + 5.2: Oxidising substances, organic peroxides
cps gefahrengueter klasse 6
Class 6.1: Toxic substances
cps gefahrengueter klasse 8
Class 8: Corrosives
cps gefahrengueter klasse 9
Class 9: Miscellaneous dangerous substances
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