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When it comes to the best possible utilisation of your containers, whether consolidated cargo (LCL) or customer collections (FCL), you can rely on us as a personal partner to carry out individual requirements. Our many years of experience as a container freight station enable us to perform container stowage with the best possible utilisation of the container. The container stowage always takes place in adherence to regulations of hazardous goods and the safe stowage of individual packaging items in accordance with the CTU Code of packing guidelines. To ensure the successful execution of this important task, we rely on the expertise of our seasoned container packing professionals. All our personnel are continuously trained and always carry out their tasks with modern equipment.
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Export services for FCL and LCL containers in Bremen

As a Bremen based container handling company, our core competency lies in the safe and proper container loading of consolidated cargo (LCL) and customer collections (FCL). Not only do we offer the storage of hazardous goods, but also intermediate storage of Non-Union goods until their release for container stowage.

When loading the containers for your FCL (Full Container Load) and LCL (Less than Container Load) shipments, we always find the optimal stowing method to enable best possible utilisation, ensuring safe overseas transport under consideration of individual requirements and in compliance with the CTU Code of packing guidelines.

If you do not have enough volume for your own container load, but still want to maintain regular voyages, we can provide a reliable solution thanks to our partnership with the neutral NVOCC Saco Shipping. In this case, simply hand over your shipment conveniently and flexibly to Saco, which regularly provides services from our Bremen site to 400 destinations worldwide. After the subsequent container stowage, we weigh the container and provide the weighing note for submission of the VGM (Verified Gross Mass).

We will also be happy to perform container transfer to the departure terminals of Bremerhaven, Hamburg and Wilhelmshaven. We’re your one-stop shop!
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Import services for FCL and LCL containers in Bremen

Alongside our container stowage service as a container freight station, we can also unload your import containers.
We rely on experienced and trained personnel who will unload all kinds of goods, whether crates, pallets or loose goods, for you with care and in compliance with deadlines. Loose goods will be commissioned as per your requirement and you’ll receive the number of load carriers used in the process.

Send us the packing list for your import container and we will handle the task of container unloading for you. We are also able handle full container transfer from the sea ports of Bremerhaven, Hamburg and Wilhelmshaven. After unloading, we can return the empty containers to the empty depot for you or rebook them via Avantida when export loading is required.

Our certification as an authorized consignee enables us to receive the T1 document for the full container and have the ATB No. (customs registration number) transmitted from the ATLAS system. We also handle and store all kinds of hazardous good types for you. Separate rooms meeting the corresponding requirements are used for the storage of hazardous goods. The goods must be picked up from us or declared by you within the 90-day storage period.

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